Security policy



In the current situation, we have introduced rules related to staying in our hotel. They are the result of taking care of either you and the employees. At the same time, we remain open to your comments that will allow us to improve the quality of our services.

  • Buffet breakfast.
  • Please reside at the reception only for check-in and settlement, we can arrange any other matters by phone.
  • We encourage cashless payments.
  • Please keep a distance of 2 meters from employees and other guests. One person can move in the elevator except for people living together in one room.
  • We do not accept guests for quarantine.
  • Only accommodated guests are allowed at the hotel.
  • We recommend wearing face masks in public areas.
  • We provide telephone numbers for the nearest Sanitary and Epidemiological units and medical services

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  • We use chemicals with a disinfecting effect.
  • We provide hand sanitizer at the most important points of the hotel and its sanitary parts.
  • We disinfect every day sensitive areas at the reception, restaurant, bar, elevators, and door handles.


  • The room is disinfected after each guest.
  • We do not clean during your stay or carry on luggage
  • Only at the Guest's request, cleaning is possible between 8-15.
  • The room equipment is not supplemented with additional elements.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you much health!