Heavenly SPA Package


Heavenly SPA Package

A THREE-DAY SPA PACKET for two persons



 „People walk here with the moon kept in a buttonhole  […]

And their hearts seem to beat with a totally unique rhythm”*



We warmly invite everybody to Krakow – a town full of positive energy. To enable our Guests to enjoy its magic and charm, together with our hotel restaurants Vanilla Sky and Pizza Fresco, as well as Vanilla Spa center located in the hotel, we created a special three-day packet, consisting of following attractions:



ü 2 magical nights in one of our double/twin rooms, facing Vistula River and the captivating panorama of Wawel Hill, or with the view over the town


ü 2 light and nourishing breakfasts, based on products coming from organic farms, furthermore supplied with traditional self-baked bread and juices extracted from fresh fruits


ü 2 romantic fusion-style dinners: one in a fusion style at Vanilla Sky restaurant, and the second one in Italian style at Fresco restaurant. Both persons are also given a glass of wine during the dinner. (See the details below) 


ü blissful relaxation at our baths and sauna zone in Vanilla Spa (1 h / person / day, must be booked in advance), where our Guests are welcome to rest after a day full of excitement, emotions and attractions 


ü cinnamon and orange feet bath with peeling (one peeling per person)



ü 10% discount on meals served in our restaurants: Vanilla Sky and Fresco


We warmly invite you to spend a heavenly weekend in Krakow.



Standard offer:

A 3-day package (2 persons, 1 room) costs 1290,- PLN.

A 4-day package (3 nights, third night only with a breakfast included) costs 1540,- PLN.

Children under the age of 6 y.o. - for free in parent's room.***

Extra bed – 40% of the full price.***







*       Andrzej Sikorowski, Grzegorz Turnau “Do not move our capital to Krakow”

**     attractions payable additionaly

***   cinnamon and orange feet bath is not contained

**** with parent's in one bed




 Example menu choices:

Vanilla Sky

- starter
- soup
- main course
- dessert

Drinks: coffee, tea, cold drinks, a glass of wine  / person.

Pizza Fresco

- starter
- for each person: pizza or pasta or salad
- dessert

Drinks: coffee, tea, cold drinks, a glass of wine  / person.